Beware !! You might be meditating the wrong way & it can be deadly dangerous!!

The correct meditation techniques would start to bring real changes in your physical body, mental health & life by removing your obstacles, making you lucky, not by making you fly in the air, shift through bodies or showing you another magical plane of existence which people fall in trap of. All this is of no use to you & would not help in any manner. In-fact such ways have several side effects & one should remain cautious!!

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HOW TO RISE ABOVE DEPRESSION & HOPELESSNESS! A must-read for everyone searching for peace and happiness!​

An increase in fire element will increase your anger, anxiety, lust and other such emotions. It needs to be balanced with the water element. Increase in water increases our sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts, will keep us in thoughts of the past, will keep us in self-doubt etc. Increase in earth element will result in pain in your physical body as this physical body is said to be made out of the earth. It also leads to memory issues and lost sense of direction and routes. Increase in air element can result in various gaseous diseases, headaches & respiratory problems. Increase in ether causes you to be afraid of heights & hearing abilities.

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