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Himshweta is a poet, writer, life coach & stage performer. She writes poetries, articles, dialogues, scripts, lyrics, advertisements etc. Her writings have helped many people view life & the world from a different perspective which is not just positive but enlightening as well.

She has written a science fiction story, script and dialogues for a youtuber Sanju Sehrawat and also directed it. She has written a comedy script & dialogues for a video titled as “Bank Chor ” for Harsh Beniwal, a few plays for theatre groups in Delhi, designed concepts and written advertisements for a company named ‘Super Leader Academy’. She has written dialogues, script & screenplay for a small budget feature film in collaboration with few other writers. She also gave concept and story ideas for a few short films to ‘ Chote Miyan ’ (Arun Kushwaha). She has written lyrics and also gave a rough composition of a song called “Shaitan” in favour of women empowerment for a feature film called ‘Asatveera’ made by Wonder Works Production. She has written and performed about 50 poetries on stage and has written a few articles related to classical musicians for a start up company named ‘Riyaz Room.’ She has written more then 100 blogs for her personal blog related to philosophy, spirituality & psychology.

Being multi-talented is usually considered a boon, but for her, it turned out to be rather confusing as she was unable to focus her attention on one field. Writing was always part of her which helped her thoughts by giving it a structure. She started performing on stage as a poet about in 2018 and received a great deal of appreciation.

What makes her writings different from everybody is that they hold a blend of philosophy, spirituality and psychology.

With her videos reaching 9 Million+ Views on social media platforms, she gained popularity in quite a short period of time and she is rocking the stage with her poetry performances since then.

What she cares about


  • By writing on themes of philosophy, psychology and spirituality, she believes if words can change lives, then why keep it limited just for entertainment.
  • By holding the audience with her powerful performances, she is proving that similar to the older times, poetry events & shows can again be a choice for youth to watch and make time for.
  • Using her words for performances, blogging, lyrics writing and more, she is trying to accomplish that writing too can be a great career choice & can be pursued full time.
  • She is diverting the youth’s attention from typical Bollywood clichés to meaningful poetries.


  • Make life easier, peaceful and less complicated with the help of her mature writing.
  • Aims to help people view life from a long term perspective, gain wisdom, widen up and broaden up their thinking.
  • To help people realise their full potential through her motivational poetries.
  • She holds a motive to spread writing as an aid to help people open up their minds instead of narrowing down the way today’s songs, cafes, clubs, and movies are doing it.


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