The more you plan, the more you destroy your future!!

Human beings are the only species who bother for their future survival in extremes, they feel distressed not only about their own fate but also about their children’s. How many birds and animals out of the total do you think die out of hunger? Remarkably few! If animals can survive without fussing about their future, why can’t we? Is it just because we are too afraid? We humans are endowed with a phenomenon brain but, was it bestowed to worry about the things which might never happen!!

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Why is Cinderella a DANGEROUS story for your kids?

We should know that kids take things very seriously, especially the fairy tales, and we should not make them see this kind of movies where they are indoctrinated that they are completely worthless until helped by a fairy or a prince. I believe we need to change these stories to real-life stories of brave woman, or at least, change it to something logical so that it doesn’t harm children’s mindset.

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उसे सिर्फ खूबसूरती के तराज़ू पर ना तोलो दुनिया वालों, बहुत कुछ और कर सकती है वो, खूबसूरत होने के आलावा !! English Translation of the quote :- "Don't judge…

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What is happening to you was what happened to your mother !! This is what happens with every lady and this is how we have been training our own gender TO BE A VICTIM of many generations! I never came across a man who hurt my self-esteem for being a woman. NEVER! I have never seen a man saying it to a woman that they do not deserve something, just because their gender is feminine.

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8 ways to unleash the power of your subconscious mind !

Our mind is like a computer. Just like a computer can connect to the INTERNET, similarly the subconscious CAN connect to the collective consciousness (i.e the universe) & when that happens, you can send or receive ANY INFORMATION inside or outside your computer !! You can do it too with your brain!! The only thing required is to GET CONNECTED to the internet !

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