After this utterly disturbing tragedy that happened with Sushant Singh Rajput, people are blaming the Bollywood, blaming people who do not help their friends and instead tease or make fun of them, blaming Sushant himself for choosing to suicide, some are now suddenly putting stories asking their friends to speak out to them or someone else but we all are forgetting the most significant thing amongst this scenario.

There is no use of blaming anybody at all, nor Bollywood, nor Sushant’s so-called friends and neither Sushant himself because this will change nothing at all! I know how miserable you feel, I myself couldn’t stop my tears after listening about Sushant but sharing your feelings on the internet would do nothing except satisfying your own desire and ego. It would neither change Bollywood nor would now people start caring for their friends because they would always be going through one thing or the other and nor can Sushant do anything now.

Your posts will all go in vain! Some pages would use his death to increase their own following and soon all will be forgotten as it does, every single time!! And you all know this! You don’t want to believe it but you know it in your heart that this will happen !! I don’t want Sushant’s death to be forgotten, I don’t want his sacrifice to go in vain! And that is why I am writing this! It is time to make a change and the change begins from you! Each one of you !!!

The problem is we want to change the world and help the world. It is a good thing, you care for others, nice but this is not a solution. You will have to change yourself !!! Whether you are a generally depressed or happy person, YOU will have to change yourself!! It’s very easy to try to change others. Because all you have to do is spread some Gyan. We Indians are great in telling others what they should do but no one takes a step to change themselves. Even if you are 93% right and you have considerable knowledge to spread, work on that 7% imperfect self of yours instead of trying to preach others about the 93% advantage that you have achieved.


Don’t even let others know what all you have obtained until you become 100% perfect. Some of you will say that no one can be that perfect, yeah, that’s true, that is why one should focus on themselves, keep polishing up until you become perfect but don’t take a load of being perfect. This is our karma, do it because what else is there to do. Until and unless someone comes to you asking for help, don’t try to preach them, teach them, guide them. Noone will apply your preachings. They will just say that you speak great, you know great but they would not adopt your teachings. They will still do what they have to do!! So stop and just work on yourself!

Be so perfect that people come to you and beg to tell them what is it that you are doing differently. Then only open your chamber of secrets because the seekers will come to you on their own! They will find you. If you are a well, stop running after the thirsty people, let them find you. Stop wasting your time on those who take you for granted. Use that time to work on yourself.

The only way to do is through regular consistent meditation! Meditation doesn’t just help your mental health, it helps your spiritual self come in contact with the universal power which thus not just solves your physical issues but also the issues related to your life. Things will start working out on their own if only you change your subconscious and supra-conscious mind because the world is not real! The world is Maya! The Bollywood will not change, nothing will change on the outside if you don’t change from inside! No matter how many times you gift wrap a rotten fruit with a beautiful paper, it will still stink, it will still rot !! This world is a wrapper, don’t try changing it! Change yourselves!

If you are a usually happy person, radiate such energy that people come to you! Be so kind, so humble, gentle, polite, relaxed and peaceful that they can’t stop themselves from opening up to you. That they can feel that you will take a step to help them. Be a patient listener so that they can have this opinion of you.


On the other hand, if you are a usually sad, troubled and depressed person, meditate !!!!! Don’t underestimate the power of meditation. Meditation will not just calm your mind, it will balance your energies. It will balance the fire and water element inside you so that you don’t get anxious or depressed respectively. We are made of all the 5 elements of earth, air, water, ether and fire.

They exist as energies inside us. An increase in fire element will increase your anger, anxiety, lust and other such emotions. It needs to be balanced with the water element. Increase in water increases our sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts, will keep us in thoughts of the past, will keep us in self-doubt etc. Increase in earth element will result in pain in your physical body as this physical body is said to be made out of the earth. It also leads to memory issues and lost sense of direction and routes. Increase in air element can result in various gaseous diseases, headaches & respiratory problems. Increase in ether causes you to be afraid of heights & hearing abilities.

These elements can be balanced with classical yoga practices as well, but only through a legit guru, not those random yoga teachers who are using it as a business and creating weird forms of yoga-like power yoga, beer yoga and what not!!

We all indeed need a push at times, we all need help and support at times when we lose all hope that nothing and no one can help us. But at such times as well, some people have fought this darkness just by deciding that no matter what, I will come out of it! This stage of losing all hope still hides inside itself, a spark. A spark of the real you which knows in his heart that all my discouraging thoughts are not true. There is got to be more of life then this useless suffering, that there is something missing, something that I do not understand, something that I still have to find out.


This stage though is an extreme stage when one might even need medicine and a psychiatrist. But all of us have not reached there. Some of us have just begun to step on that road! They can still choose to meditate. Some of us are on their way towards extreme loneliness, they can choose to balance themselves, some of us are halfway there, the can make a choice, some of us are very near to that point of hopelessness, but you still can steer your wheels away if you are reading this!

You CAN take charge, believe me. Only you can mend your lives. All you have to do is seek for the truth, seek for balance. Your seeking will be rewarded. The universe wants you to know your potential. It wants you to meet your higher self and be that. But it can not do anything if ‘YOU’ don’t want it. You need to desire because the universe is wishless. It has given this freedom of choice to you! Don’t take any pressure that you will have to do everything to make your life better. You just have to make the right choices, the right wishes. Ask and you shall receive!! But ask out of pure desire. Don’t ask for your selfish materialistic desires. They will never be over. They will continue to be born as the next desire of more luxury, more power, more egoistic self-satisfying greed!! The only pure desire is to know the truth. Truth is balance. Balance is the truth.

The universe will answer, it will guide you. Just meditate daily and connect yourself with that ultimate source of life. That’s all, no rocket science. It ain’t tough. It’s very easy. Just keep doing it and believe and stop posting everything on social media. It does not help anyone at all.

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