After changing millions of lives through my viral poetries, blogs, video & seminars, I bring to you my ON-CALL & FACE-TO-FACE life coaching sessions. I have helped people come out of heart breaking relationships, decide the best career opportunity, balance their emotions with logic, mend their relationships with their families, come out of depression, fight their fears, understand root causes of their problems and so much more! Guess what, now you can be helped too! I have been on a spiritual, psychological & philosophical journey from past 10 years & thus have hacked the way people & things work in this world. So feel free to fill this form and allow me to be your life coach! (Kindly don’t contact if you are here only for time pass.)

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    After the submission of form you will receive a text for confirming your exact booking hour. Kindly reply to that and be available at your booked time as I will save that slot specially for you & would schedule other clients accordingly. Also, please note that I take sessions from 7 am – 7 pm only, not before or after.

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    The fees for one-hour phone call session is Rs 500/-. The fees for one-hour video call session is Rs 1000 /-. The fee for face to face meeting is Rs 2000/- per hour. If you have financial issues and can not pay that much, then kindly email me at [email protected] FOR STUDENTS, the fees is Rs 50/- only. I will approach you myself asap after you submit this form. After making the payment, attach the screenshot at the end of this form.

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