Women have been the greatest victim of society from centuries. Bearing the pain, abuses, beating, tortures and so much more since long. Women have proved herself in all areas of life and she had fought way too many times, with too many people, but unfortunately, with the wrong ones !!

It sounds utterly stupid to me when woman blames all the men for being the reason for gender inequality. The men around me have always tried to win my heart! I wonder where do they find those who degrade them for being a female? How do they fail to see that men are not their enemy at all !!

By now, the intelligent ones must have understood who am I actually pointing out here. Don’t worry if you didn’t. I treat everyone equal, no matter dumb or wise :p. Kidding !! So yes, the real enemy of a woman is women herself !! Well media too, but it is not the first one in the queue.

Wait, what?

Harsh truth! I know. But you can’t stop reading this article without knowing WHY did I say so? So read on…

Do you remember who told you that the world is tough out there for women? Do you remember who told you that woman are weaker than men? Who taught you the MANNERS of being a woman, the need to be modest, polite, decent, delicate, elegant, graceful, shy and fragile? Who screamed at you for laughing like a man, for keeping your volume down, for not sitting with legs closed, for not wearing fully covered clothes, for not sitting PROPERLY, for not hiding it from everyone that you bleed every month? YES, GIRLS !! It was your mother.


I must mention it here that things might occur in a slightly different manner where you live. Because the world is big and the culture everywhere is quite different, in some places, these things might not be true, though I am not sure. I would love to hear it from you guys if things happen the same way in your country as they happen in mine or if they are different?


But from a general perspective, this is what happens in most of the places. Don’t take me wrong, I love my mom but someone needs to speak the truth someday and the truth is that the greatest enemy of each one of you is your mother, your aunt, your grandmother and all your female relatives and family members.

But this is not a reason to whine. The real reason for concern is not who they are, but that they are not even aware of it!


Why else would it surprise you otherwise? Why weren’t you already aware of it otherwise? It is because what is happening to you was what happened to your mother !! This is what happens with every lady and this is how we have been training our own gender TO BE A VICTIM of many generations! I never came across a man who hurt my self-esteem for being a woman. NEVER! I have never seen a man saying it to a woman that they do not deserve something, just because their gender is feminine.

Even if there are people like such, I would still not blame it on them, but on their mothers and on all those women whom he was surrounded by. Because the reality is, that the men are not even aware of it!


Men don’t even know from where did this gender inequality evolve. Well obviously, they were not the one to give birth to it so how would they know? They were sitting there, watching television, lost in their phones and computers, playing cricket with their friends, teasing girls, finding ways to fulfil their sexual desires, enjoying their life while roaming around partying, working and earning, then spending it all to have more fun when suddenly – they get married !!

What do you think will happen now? Would they suddenly stop doing what they were doing from the past 25 years? Hell no!!

On the other hand, what happens with girls meanwhile? They get trained, to prepare food, do the dishes, clean the house, to behave as per the manual of GOOD GIRLS by sitting, eating, talking, laughing, walking, sleeping, dreaming PROPERLY! The girls get prepared and trained for marriage since they take birth. Marriage with whom? With THAT GUY who was watching television and enjoying whole his life. Then you say that marriages these days are not working out. Hello? Where is the logic?


Would you still say that boys are to be blamed here? Or that woman who on one hand prepares her boy to DESTROY and on the other hand trains her daughter to REPAIR. Inequality is created every moment in every house. It is not what a woman faces after she leaves her home. We are the one to create it and to spread it and it’s high time that we need to stop blaming others for it.

How did it all begin?

Men aren’t the ones to be blamed right now, but no doubt they were the ones to create it all in the beginning. I admit it is quite intelligent of them to mould things in such an amazing way, to build a strategy to turn a woman against their own gender and continuing it for centuries, that too without even letting anyone know, what in the system is actually wrong. Amazing !! Applaudable I must say. I still won’t blame men. They did what was correct for them. They used women to the best possible interest of theirs. I won’t even fight against them, because I can’t, well they don’t exist anymore. LOL.

The men right now aren’t even aware of it but I don’t envy those who created these strategies. They did what was best for them but women did not !!! They are still carrying those old-fashioned, outdated slogans and taking them so damn seriously and following it with dedication. Somebody, please wake them up !!


Well, I don’t know if women are dumb or not. Maybe those ancient men killed all the intelligent ladies and pushed this practice of inequality further from the remaining dumb ladies for generations !! I don’t know, anything is possible. Because if all women were dumb, they would not have been showing such amazing performances in every field of life !! Sometimes, even better than men !!


Now, when you know who your real enemy is, it is tougher than before. It is easy to go out and fight with others but it is tough to fight with our own selves !! Opposing your mother, your family members and relatives won’t be easy. Opposing society, won’t be easy ! Telling someone that their belief is extremely idiotic and illogical, is throwing yourself in front of a tiger, especially when they are elder than you and live at your place.


But the only way you can help yourself is by changing yourself first. Realizing first that it’s your own clan who is the culprit here is very important. Afterwards, you will have to speak up, A LOT. Because this inequality will be faced on every step, we need to stand for ourselves every day in every situation. It would take years to make it happen but if we continue, I am sure a day will come when mothers would not ask their daughters to keep their volumes down but to laugh loudly, from their heart. All the best.


Are things different at your place? Do you still think men should be blamed for all the pain of the woman? What are your views about it? Don’t forget to mention it all in the comments below !!

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  1. That was amazingly beautiful and so on track with what I feel happened in 2017. Looking forward to a powerful and stronger and more genuine 2018. Thank you Felita Jarad Wehner

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